New Severn

tp 48868 Woodturner John Aitken. Pic 4 Examples of some of John Aitken's work Pics Trevor Porter 48868 28th May 14This piece, titled “New Severn”  is made from an English Burr Oak and Indian Ebony with wire and Dutch leaf. It was inspired by the new Severn bridge.

As you travel out of Wales on the motorway you see the bridge structure with it’s supporting wires which appear as the sails of a ship, full of wind looming out of the mist; on a sunny day the water sparkles with sunshine. “New Severn” shows the (stylised) bridge supports with the wires curving down to the sweep of the road, the Dutch leaf and the top of the bowl which has gold dust sprinkled simulates the sparkle that once seen is never forgotten.



New Severn 003New Severn 001