Mysharpening station.

As with all grinding and turning operations eye protection should always be used. You should also clear away any cloths or papers or wire wool to prevent the risk of fires.

These are my main grinders.
This one on the left is an old Elu grinder fitted with white wheels for cool fast cutting. The jig on the left is the Sorby grinding jig, I use this for fingernail grinds on my detail gouges. I tend not to alter the angle of this jig.The wooden one I made myself and suits my preferred grind which is approx. 50 degrees. I use this for my bowl gouges.
This one on the right is another home made wooden jig and this is for grinding myspindle roughing gouges and parting tools. The jig on the right is the other half of the Sorby jig and I use that for scrapers and if I have to grind a skew chisel or do any other grinding.
This is the last grinder in my sharpening station. It is a standard B&Q grinder but I have replaced the wheels with a sewn cotton wheel on the left and a sisal wheel on the right. I changed the safety guards around so that it runs backwards, (so the wheels rise instead of falling infront of you) I use a linishing paste on the r/h wheel and I use this to hone my skew chisels and carving tools.