A new and unusual piece

This piece is 180mm tall and 74mm at the widest part. Made from Purpleheart, Maple veneers and African Blackwood. It is a staved construction and the lid has an applied decoration in gold (using gilding cream

This piece is made from Purpleheart, Maple veneers and African Blackwood.  Using a staved construction it is 180mm tall and 64 mm at the widest part.Ther is also an applied gilded decoration on the lid.

Segmented Zebrano box

A segmented construction made from Zebrano with Maple and dyed veneer highlights.The lid and the base are made from African Blackwood that has been textured and gilded.

This shows the detail on the top of the lid,the underneath of the lid and both inside and out of the base have been treated in the same way.

Now set up for livestreaming

During the pandemic I have kept myself busy by setting up the equipment that will allow me to livestream from the workshop. This means that I am now able to conduct live demonstrations to audiences all over the world from the familiar surroundings of my workshop, so no more long dark nights on the road getting home in the small hours after demonstrating at a club or event hundreds of miles away from home. Instead I can cast off the worries that I may have forgotten to pack that all important chisel or piece of wood because I know that in my workshop I have everything I need to make a successful demonstration. And it is a double edged sword too, because my audiences can now watch me from the comfort of their own arm chair at home.

So if you would like to organise a live stream demonstration from my workshop please get in touch or leave a message.

Covid-19 update

During the Covid-19 lockdown I am still taking orders for work. If you need me to come and measure up I can but obviously we need to do this whilst taking sensible social distancing measures. I can take payments via credit cards or through Bac’s transfer.

Depending on the work you require it may take me a little bit longer to source materials. On completion of your job I can arrange to deliver the finished item/s to you again observing social distancing. If there is something special that you require just let me know, I am happy to discuss your requirements on the phone, by email or one of the video conferencing app

Mysharpening station.

As with all grinding and turning operations eye protection should always be used. You should also clear away any cloths or papers or wire wool to prevent the risk of fires.

These are my main grinders.
This one on the left is an old Elu grinder fitted with white wheels for cool fast cutting. The jig on the left is the Sorby grinding jig, I use this for fingernail grinds on my detail gouges. I tend not to alter the angle of this jig.The wooden one I made myself and suits my preferred grind which is approx. 50 degrees. I use this for my bowl gouges.
This one on the right is another home made wooden jig and this is for grinding myspindle roughing gouges and parting tools. The jig on the right is the other half of the Sorby jig and I use that for scrapers and if I have to grind a skew chisel or do any other grinding.
This is the last grinder in my sharpening station. It is a standard B&Q grinder but I have replaced the wheels with a sewn cotton wheel on the left and a sisal wheel on the right. I changed the safety guards around so that it runs backwards, (so the wheels rise instead of falling infront of you) I use a linishing paste on the r/h wheel and I use this to hone my skew chisels and carving tools.

Woodturning lessons

I am a qualified adult educator and I now run woodturning courses in my workshop. The tuition encompasses all aspects of turning from beginners to the more experienced turner who wishes to learn different techniques. I also teach thread chasing which is the art of cutting a thread in wood whilst the wood is rotating, not to be confused with just tapping a thread. I also work with pewter and bone and courses can be tailored to suit your needs. Book for a full day (with lunch included) a half day or just an hour or two. Bring your own tools and I will show you how to sharpen them. I am happy for you to contact me and discuss your woodturning needs.

Segmented turnings

These are two pieces that I have made to take with me to the Irish Woodturners Guild seminar in October. The one on the left is made from Maple, Wenge , African Blackwood and Jarrah Burr.

The one on the right is made from Maple and Purple heart. Both of these pieces will be available for purchase

in Wiltshire Crafts of Lacock shop from 17th October 2017. Each is approx. 8 inches tall.